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Nice game.

Kinda creepy, kinda frustrating. I had some fun with this one. Not bad.

Haha yeah, it appears in some of the drawers after you see the breaker destroyed 

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Yo I had a great time playing your game and are you sure you put a key in one of those drawers I can't found 😂 100/100

Thank you sooo much for playing our game, I m not sure but did you check all the drawers? I played a lot and found the key every time but that could be a bug, sorry if thats the thing.

Yeah I actually made a new build with more of the audio implemented, and also deleted a lot of the drawers cos the game was 100% more annoying when it spawned in one of the further ones! Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

I wouldn’t say so. But it can be beaten and you can survive until 6.00 am so I would say is finished

We didn't get time to implement a lot of the audio as there was so much to pack in the game, so I'm currently working on a build with more assets. Maybe can share when this is done!

Great voice acting and a spooky atmosphere. The voice actor sounds very calm and collected which is kind of odd for a horror game.

Haha, thanks

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That was very funny to do this game with my mates, hrrrmit and alexthomson. We are sorry for all the bugs but this game was made for a jam, right? We hope you will enjoy!