Made in a week~ for Global Game Jam 2022
Theme - Duality

Arrow keys - move/aim
[X] - swap
[Z]- jump
[R] - restart

This game is an action platformer with puzzle elements.  Everything can be a wall, roof or floor. Change the matter of the universe with - [X]

FrogrammerProgramming / Game Design 
DennisPinato - Animations
Jamphibious  - SFX / Music
Saturnyoshi - Bugfixing / Web export

Discord :) -

Install instructions

download the file, extract zip and run .exe


Download 22 MB


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Amazing game 10/10 keep up the amazing work


INcredible, well done.


Very fun and cool. 1 week? Well done!

Really fun game, can't seem to beat one level where it says hold x to gain speed, kinda stuck on it idk 

Thank you! If you jump before swapping while holding X towards one of the surfaces, once you swap you'll keep your momentum and get higher